iPhone 13 Design Leaks

iPhone 13 Design Leaks

Every person who has iPhone or is interested in technology always waits for the next product to be launched by Apple. After iPhone 12 series, Apple is now going to launch iPhone 13. We will tell you about the hidden facts and other things in this blog about iPhone 13. 

Most of you might be thinking about when iPhone 13 will launch. Well, by Apples' previous launch dates, we have concluded that iPhone 13 will launch most probably in September 2021. So, who is waiting for the best product?


What Will Be the Price Of iPhone 13? 


We have considered several factors, and we have concluded that iPhone 13 will be in the price range of the iPhone 12. It will vary from $700 to $1100 if you are thinking that why we are telling you this price. Then you must not know that whenever Apple introduces new products, its price is nearly the same as the last version launched. 


Is the iPhone 12s coming?


There are many rumors about the new launch. Some people think it would be iPhone 13, while others say that the new product will be the iPhone 12s as Apple launches different series of same product. So, there are 50% chances that it can be named as iPhone 12s. 


Design of iPhone 13


Apple launches every new product with some different ideas. So, as Apple will launch the new product, there are chances of new changes in design. The possible changes are:

  1. Speakers will be moved on top of the device. 
  2. Large Camera. 
  3. Changing with sim card slot and power button. 



Case Of iPhone 13


According to the latest mobile leaks, iPhone 13 will have a different case, and the display notch will be smaller. This is because past generations had a bulky notch. 

You will have a narrower notch, and several parts will be downsized. But the cases are expected to be thicker than previous cases just for the sake of extra protection of the iPhone. So, we are waiting for the biggest release and expecting that it will be as great as previous models. 


Lock Screen


The Apple accessories are well known for extra security features. There are many leaks about lock too. Many people are saying that there will be an under-display Touch ID. But many people are also saying that this new model will also have the latest Face recognition sensors. 

We think that touch ID will be best as everyone is using masks nowadays. So, face recognition can be difficult. 


Colors of New Model


As always, there will be four primary colors for iPhone 13. These colors are silver, rose gold, black, and sunset gold. 

Many people are saying that the recent color would be pink. But there will be several other options too. The designers are thinking of adding new color schemes too. Most probably, the new colors will be matte black and bronze color. But still, they are looking for the best color schemes that will attract the most people making a purchase. 


iPhone 13 Size


As you have seen, the iPhone 12 series had the same display sizes. Now we think that the company will also add changes to phone screen displays. According to experts, there are possibilities that iPhone 13 will have a 120Hz refresh rate. Moreover, the screen size will vary from 6.1 to 6.7 inches. 

So, it is the best news for social media lovers that they will have smooth scrolling. And it is also good news for game lovers as they can play their favorite games with the wider display. 




There are many rumors about designs, including the screen, features, and most importantly, the panel. Many leaks are there who have confirmed that you will have an LTPO panel. And the company that will make it is the Samsung display. As we know that Samsung provides circuit boards to Apple. So, the LTPO screen is also considered to be made by Samsung.

If you do not know about the LPTO panel, then you must know that it does not have extra components under the display for the refreshing screen, etc. They usually have a thin chassis. Moreover, Apple is considering having a new phone with the best refresh rate and thin screen. So, we think the best product is going to be launched soon. 


Other Important Specs


There will be several other specs too. The thing that we are expecting is that there will be a chip upgrade for iPhone 13. Moreover, there are chances that the chip will come in A15 Bionic form. This is because, in iPhone 12, A14 was used. 

Moreover, experts are also saying that a new upgrade to the System and System on a chip will be introduced. It will boost the performance of mobile and will also make it more efficient. Another thing is that the chip is considered to be of 4-nanometer chip node. 

Whenever someone talks about iPhones, the best part that is considered the most is its storage. The new upcoming series is expected to have storage between 64 GB to 512 GB. Even the storage is expected to be increased up to 1TB. And this thing will be the best spec ever. 

Another important leak is that iPhone 12 will come with 6E Wi-Fi technology, and you will have the fastest internet on your phone. 




As iPhone always has the best features of any other mobile phone. It is reported that the new series will have a liquid crystal polymer circuit board for fast transmission of data. Moreover, these LCP boards will also accelerate the applications and help in better live streaming. 




Another most important thing in iPhones is their camera. So, according to reports and leaks, the new iPhone will have a six-element ultrawide lens for capturing the best moments. So, if you want the best image and video quality, your wait is over.




If you are anxiously waiting for the new iPhone series, you might also be thinking of buying the latest accessories. As soon as the new model is introduced, we will start making new accessories that will make your new phone look more elegant. So, stay in touch if you want to buy amazing accessories.